So we were featured in the canadian press on March 14 2009

— The "Globe and Mail" review —

On July 2008, we welcomed a guest, freelance travel journalist, Mercedeh Sanati, who so enjoyed her stay with us at Le Torri that an article was featured on the home page of the Travel section of the famous Canadian newspaper the "Globe and Mail”.

The article appeared on March 14, 2009, a day I will never forget!

As I checked my e-mails on my computer that day, the traffic from Canada was very high and I could not understand what was happening.

Requests were pouring in!

To my surprise, many friends and guests from Canada who had spent holidays here with the Cantini family started sending me clippings of the news article featuring Le Torri... only then did I realize what had happened!

My emotions overcame me, tears of joy started streaming down my face......

This article brought about a strong emotion in me as it is a reflection of all of the hard work, the dedication and the passion that goes into making Le Torri what it is today and this makes me so very proud of my accomplishments.

This article was a testimonial of all the hard work my family and I have put into serving our clients and it was featured and mentioned publicly in a great Canadian Newspaper.

I chose this job because of the love, desire and passion I have in serving the clients that come to stay Le Torri.

I take pride in the quality of that service and our goal is to make people who come here happy and comfortable and provide a unique Italian experience they will never forget at a reasonable price.

The pleasure my guests express on their experience here brings me so much satisfaction and happiness, that this is the reason why I choose to continue pursuing this work I love so very much.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has written and continues to write reviews and provides positive feedback of their stay at Le Torri.

They are what provide the wonderful opportunity to experience this strong emotion that I am sharing with you now.

The success of Le Torri is also our guests'! Without you, this would not be possible.

I cannot find enough words to thank you all.

I will always be grateful for all you’ve done and are doing for us.

A special thanks to Mercedeh Sanati and business partner Jean Decaon for their recommendation of Le Torri.

With affection, Gabriele, Paolo and Maria Pia