Every season has its great charm in Tuscany


Climate of Tuscany and seasonal events


Tuscany is definitely not one of the coldest places in Europe. If you are not going to the mountains, temperatures hardly go below 0°C (32°F) and when it snows in a city like Florence, everyone wants to take photos of the main sights because it’s really not common to see a “white Florence”.
Winter is definitely low season as far as tourism goes in genereal, which gives you the perfect opportunity to discover how locals live around here. It’s a good season to visit museums, drink red wine, go shopping, visit Tuscany's hot springs (Saturnia is a great idea!) In February/March, I suggest you enjoy the biggest carnival in Italy in Viareggio or the oldest held in Foiano della Chiana.


Spring means the beginning of a new life: temperatures start getting warmer, flowers are everywhere, tourists from all over the world arrive here.
If you arrive in Easter, don’t miss the "Explosion of the Cart", a traditional event in Florence. Another great suggestion for those traveling with kids is the Pinocchio Park in Collodi.
Generally at the end of May, locals start going to Tuscan beaches, and although the water is still very cold, it’s possible to get the first tan of the year!


Summer is the season of sunflowers, open air music festivals, beaches, long days and hot nights and sometimes the temperature can arrive up to 40° in August during the day.
August is the official month for vacation in Italy: cities of art like Florence are almost empty because everyone is at the beach (it’s a good thing in my opinion because there’s almost no traffic in Florence and there are still great options for entertainment!).
In July, the official summer sale period starts and everything is up to half price off!


Autumn can sometimes be rainy but the last few years we have had Septembers and Octobers with beautiful, sunny days and temps above average.
For me, autumn is the most beautiful season in Tuscany after spring because it is the time of harvest for grapes and olives, two very important events for our region. Furthermore, this is the period for truffles and mushrooms and the colors of the countryside tend to be incredible, all changing to reds, oranges and yellows: a show you shouldn't miss.

— Surrounding area —

5 minutes walking distance

  • 2 Grocery shops (also open Saturday and Sunday), where you'll find bread, fruit, pasta, vegetables, cheese, etc.;
  • Butcher's shop;
  • Pharmacy;
  • News vendor;
  • Bank and ATM;
  • 2 Bars for breakfast;
  • Catholic Church;
  • Tuscan Restaurant.

— Maps and information —

Upon your arrival we will supply you with a local map with complete information regarding food shops, butchers, supermarkets, pharmacies and banks in the area.
We will also furnish you with information on touristic cities, maps and general suggestions.
We are at your disposal for any suggestions regarding the best Tuscan restaurants in the area with the possibility of reservations.

— Climatic Averages —

1December7:29 AM4:39 PM9h 10m3.6 inches91 mm10 °2 C°51 F°36 F°
1January7:49 AM4:48 PM8h 59m2.9 inches73 mm10 C°1 C°50 F°34 F°
1February7:32 AM5:26 PM9h 54m2.7 inches68 mm12 C°3 C°53 F°37 F°
1March6:52 AM6:04 PM11h 12m3.2 inches81 mm15 C°5 C°59 F°40 F°
1April6:57 AM7:42 PM12 h 45m3.1 inches78 mm18 C°7 C°65 F°45 °
1May 6:07 AM8:18 PM14h 11m2.9 inches73 mm23 C°11 C°74 F°52 F°
1June5:36 AM8:50 PM15h 14m2.2 inches55 mm27 C°14 C°82 F°58 F°
1July5:37 AM9:01 PM15h 24m1.6 inches40 mm31 C°17 C°88 F°63 F°
1August6:04 AM8:38 PM14h 34m3.0 inches76 mm31 C°17 C°87 F°62 F°
1September6:38 AM7:51 PM13h 12m3.1 inches78 mm27 C°14 C°80 F°57 F°
1October7:13 AM6:56 PM11h 43m3.5 inches89 mm22 C°10 C°70 F°50 F°
1November6:51 AM5:06 PM10h 15m4.4 inches111 mm15 °6 C°59 F°42 F°
* the day is reported only for sunrise, sunset and lenght of day.