A medieval villa full of charm revived for our guests


A building unique as its history

The villa protects within its solid walls over eight centuries of history: already appearing in the land registry maps of the 13th century, the villa underwent many passages and changes throughout time.

Until the mid-20th century, the villa belonged to the Guicciardini family, the rich noble Florentine family descending from Francesco (1483-1540), one of the most influential men of the Medici era and author of several volumes on the history of Italy.

According to the land registry document dated 1427, the report of income and earnings was submitted to the Comune of Florence. In those years, when this requirement was requested in the lands owned by Florence a large revolt occurred. Volterra was one of the hardest areas to subdue the revolt, and in the end, Florence had the leader of the rebellion, Giusto Landini, killed. The document is now conserved in the State Archives in Florence. Since we find these pieces of our history awesome and inspiring, we're offering a view of the original document which is practically impossible to read and the translation. We have also found the map of the villa as it appeared in a land registry document from the start of the 1800s.

My family bought Villa Le Torri in 1979 from Count Guicciardini Ludovico Corsi Salviati of Lucignano, whose family were the original landowners for generations. This imposing building where our family lives year round, has required countless hours of time, resources and, above all, enthusiasm on our part to renovate it and return it to its original aspect.

History of restoration

Part of the house was carefully dismantled, like the roof, beams and floors; in order to re-use whatever possible antique piece; otherwise the building material was bought from other old farmhouses. At ground level, was the cellar where you would have found stone vats.

These vats were dismantled and a stone-cutter in the area made it possible to create all the house’s window thresholds after 8 years of work. These time-consuming jobs lasted until 1986, the same year that my family & I started living there. In the following years, we slowly improved the external aspect; creating an olive grove, garden and the whole surrounding landscape of the Villa.

Only in 1996, having the ambition to start an activity of my own, I decided along with my parents to create these apartments. 

From the beginning, we thought of making spacious, comfortable apartments, as I enjoy having when I go on vacation; so that is what we did. 

Therefore, in 1997, we started the renovation work to create the apartments and the swimming pool. On May 8, 1998, we opened for business and thanks to all our satisfied guests, today we still manage the whole business. 

Our guests have given us the opportunity to continue this activity, expressing their very positive judgment on the villa and our hospitality. We thank all of our guests from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to continue working and offering this magnificent service.

With deepest gratitude to all our guests that have given us the opportunity to live this dream, we hope to have always satisfied your demands and ask your forgiveness for the times that we didn’t succeed.