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A gentle and luxuriant landscape, medieval villages rich in historical and artistic monuments: welcome to Chianti! 

A beautiful area to see and great to taste

Tuscany covers a vast area between Florence, Siena and San Gimignano and is the celebrated home of the most famous of Italian wines!
Tuscany is an invitation to discover natural landscapes and the area of Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, offers amazing contrasts in its environment, habitat, scenery and its broad valleys of vineyards, olives and corn are in contrast with the Tuscan “uplands”, a large group of lower, rolling hills.
When you mention Chianti, perhaps many Americans might still think of a heavy, round bottle encased in straw and crowned with a candle but to anyone that has traveled to this lovely, hilly region you know it is much more. Chianti offers vast wooded areas, vineyard covered hills, olive groves, historical monuments and medieval settlements, Renaissance country-houses and all the services a tourist area can offer to bring to mind happy moments spent in Tuscany.

Chianti Wine

Chianti wine runs from a basic table wine that can be made from a wide blend of grapes, to a Chianti DOC having a more stringent chemistry to that of the prized Chianti Classico Gallo Nero, IGT, DOCG Riserva, a wine made from a specific grape combination, fermented and bottled under rules arising from law and tradition.


Chianti Classico, the top designation of wines, is only granted to those vintners that produce their wines under very strict conditions and are from that area which is designated as “Chianti Classico”.
This top level wine is a blend of both red and white grapes, from 70-75% Sangiovese and 5-10% Canaiolo (red) and 5-10% Malvasia and 5-10% Trebbiano, both white. The Chianti Classico wines are very drinkable. A balanced and generally medium bodied wine, mild up front, with a decent body and pleasantly finished, go with most anything you order.
Because of its alcohol content or perhaps by some magic, Chianti Classico seldom makes you drunk and does not produce a hangover. A fact that Tuscans point out quite proudly.


Many of the villas located in Chianti are working vineyards and produce excellent wines which is sold at good prices to guests.

Chianti Montespertoli

Montespertoli is part of the Chianti Classico wine region. On the surrounding hills that reach an elevation of 257 msl, grapes and olives are cultivated for the production of some of the best quality olive oil and wine.
In fact, within this wine-growing area, the so-called “Strada del Vino di Montespertoli” or Wine Route of Montespertoli produces excellent wines, including the red Chianti di Montespertoli DOCG and the DOC wines (wines of certified origin and quality) Chianti Colli and Chianti dell’Etruria centrale. These types of wine are famous all over the world.
The numerous wineries nearby offer you lots of opportunities for wine tastings, often accompanied by tastings of many other typical Tuscan products.